Dr Najjia Ashraf M.D, MSc (London, UK)

Dr Najjia Ashraf has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and tumors of the skin and its appendages, having medical and surgical sides to the specialty and special emphasis on histopathology .She has been trained in managing immunobullous disorders and congenital syndromes.
Beside this she also treats cases of the following:

1. Laser for hair removal (for example, IPL, and  NdYAG)
2. Removal of moles, warts, tags and corns
3. Skin tightening with Titan
4. Chemical Peels
5. Botox
6. Fillers
7. Dark eye circles
8. Hair and nail diseases
9. Pigmentation (Q switch and Yag laser)
10. Microdermabrasions for (* Acne scar and pigmentation * Facial rejuvenation  * Open pores

* Good texture and freshness on face  * Improvement of complexion)

Dr. Najjia is more involved in the care of individual patients observing natural history of their diseases; by following these patients in the ambulatory setting she also developed an appreciation of the impact of skin disease in the individual patients and recognizes the psychosocial factors which affect their illness.

Dr. Najjia holds command and learned in depth by critical reading of the literature about specific diseases and symptoms of patients and developed learning habits which will serve as a model for life-long learning as a physician. She Appreciated the interrelationships of diseases of the skin to other medical, surgical and psychosocial problems affecting the patient as a whole, She has contributed in “GUYS AND KINGS COLLEGE GAZETTE LONDON” and as a part of Board of Expert reviewer for the “LONDON JOURNAL OF MEDICINE”, Contributed articles in fashion magazines, various news papers nationally and internationally.

Dr Najjia always tries to learn something new every day and she is always open to new experiences. According to her profession she always tries to keep herself up to date with latest medical development in her field by reading journals and articles and this instinctive drive has fueled her development.

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Dr. Najjia has also been featured in the prospectus of KINGS COLLEGE LONDON since the last 2years.

Dr. Najjia’s interview has been published in the July issue of DALDA KA DASTARKHAWAN MAGAZINE. You can see it in print as well. Dr. Najjia have written various articles in famous magazines & leading newspapers (DAILY DAWN, DAILY THE NEWS, DAILY TIMES, THE TRIBUNE, DAILY JANG etc…) Below are the links or you can view it in print as well:

Articles in Fashion magazine
http://Articles in Sunday  magazine- Daily Dawnhttp://



Dr. Najjia’s extensive knowledge of her field and bilingual capabilities make her a highly sought-after speaker at medical conferences worldwide and a popular expert resource interviewee with consumer media. Dr. Najjia has been featured on numerous television news and entertainment programs on leading Television Networks country wide and also in the international media. She  has done the widely-watched morning show in the Pakistan leading television networks as 'BAKHABAR SAVERA' on “ARYONE WORLD” FIRST BLAST “DAWNNEWS.TV” Morning with HUM “HUM.TV” MASALA WITH CHEF GULZAR “MASALA.TV” KHUDI CAMPAIGN FOR FLOOD VICTIMS “AAG.TV/GEO.TV” MORNING BUZZ at “BUSSINESS PLUS” INDUS NEWS,EXPRESS NEWS, GEO ENGLISH,ARY DIGITAL LONDON, News one{Sahir Lodhi show},few reports for Geo news as well along with many more LIVE Programs and Documentaries. All programs have different format based on skin, nails & hair, derma related issues and daily cosmetic/makeup problems and she also advises patients through live calls on weekly shows. She has done two breakfast shows in ARY Digital London. She was given coverage by Aaj.Tv when she inaugurated a stall at health Asia expo, there you can click on the below web site links as well as you can view her recorded programs from below mentioned links on YouTube .


Dr. Najjia has achieved notable national and international reputation in her specialty as she has been doing radio shows on regular basis  on famous Pakistani Radio stations like FM 107, FM100. FM103 and at Deustche radio Germany.

Dr. Najjia has served as speaker and physician trainer for GSK,NOVARTIS,BAYER,NEUTROGENA,COSMECEUTICS,ABBOTT AND ESTHELIS.
You can find out Dr. Najjia with many different Keywords on and its related web search sites.


You can find out Dr. Najjia with many diffrent Keywords on and its related web serch sites.